ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution

ATI: Answers to Interrogatories

CIC: Children in Courts

CIS: Case Information Statement

CLIS: Confidential Litigant Information Statement

CMC: Case Management Conference

CP: Custodial Parent

CU: Civil Union

DCP&P: Division of Child Protection and Permanency

DOM: Date of Marriage

DOS: Date of Separation

DP: Domestic Partnership

DV: Domestic Violence

ED: Equitable Distribution

ESP: Early Settlement Panel

FJOD: Final Judgment of Divorce

FRO: Final Restraining Order

GAL: Guardian Ad Litem

ISC: Intensive Settlement Conference

MSA: Marital Settlement Agreement

NCP: Noncustodial Parent

NOM: Notice of Motion

NTP: Notice to Produce

ODD: Other Dependent Deduction

OTSC/OSC: Order to Show Cause

PAR: Parent of Alternate Residence

PC: Parent Coordinator

PEP: Parents Education Program

PKPA: Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act

PPR: Parent of Primary Pesidence

PSA: Property Settlement Agreement

QDRO: Qualified Domestic Relations Order

SO: Significant Other

TRO: Temporary Restraining Order

UCCJEA: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act

UIFSA: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

UNC: Uncontested Divorce

USSO: Uniform Summary Support Order (A Form order used in FD docket and for any support payable through “probation”)


FA: Adoption

FM: Matrimonial (divorce/dissolution matters)

FD – Domestic Relationship (non-dissolution custody & child support matters)

FF –Family Crisis

FG- Guardianship (termination of parental rights)

FJ – Juvenile Delinquency

FL – Kinship Legal Guardianship

FM – Matrimonial (divorce/dissolution matters)

FN – Child Protection (DCP&P)

FO – Other (criminal/quasi-criminal such as contempt and violation of TRO/FRO prosecution)

FV – Domestic Violence (restraining order and SASPA matters)