Argentino Fiore Law and Advocacy has a win for Domestic Violence victims! “[No] non-violent act justified Defendant’s physical violence.”  P.E.O. v. R.J.

We are excited to share the NJ Superior Court Appellate Division has granted AFL’s appeal of the trial court’s denial of a final restraining order as having been “contrary to the interests of justice and the PDVA [Prevention of Domestic Violence Act]” and required the immediate entry of a Final Restraining Order protecting our client. 

We are immensely proud of Celeste Fiore, Esq. for successfully arguing this matter remotely during this global pandemic and are grateful for our team for always tirelessly fighting to ensure the safety and well-being of all our clients.

If you are not safe in your home or in your relationship, you can reach our team at 973-744-2980 or by email at  COVID-19 social distancing will not prevent us providing the same level of care and support to our clients and continuing to fight against injustice.

To read the opinion Click Here.