Argentino Fiore Law and Advocacy, LLC, is a trauma-informed law firm, with practice areas including divorce and family law, domestic violence representation, anti-bullying and special education advocacy, juvenile representation, parent coordination, mediation, name and gender marker changes, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and civil rights. We support our clients through tumultuous circumstances and extremely difficult periods of their lives.

At AFL, some of us are lawyers, most of us are parents, and all of us are human beings. We understand stress, pain, grief, and all of the feelings that come along with life’s various challenges. We strive to make our understanding and empathy apparent to our clients so they know that we are present for them as people as well as advocating for them as their legal team. We care for our clients in ways beyond the basic steps required in providing legal services. We acknowledge their life experiences and circumstances and how those unique elements affect them. Ultimately, we try to meet our clients where they need us emotionally while giving them the best legal support that we can.

Our advocacy work is important to us and we have an “advocacy first” model in all of our work. Our goal is to resolve a matter without further stress or trauma on the client and often this is through non-litigation means such as negotiation, mediation, training, and education. Court processes and legal matters take time and energy and can be draining; we are cognizant of these challenges, and the inequities that occur, and we take care to guide our clients through these processes not only logistically, but also emotionally.






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