By Jodi Argentino, Esq.

Spring Break is a common time for travel, not only for the typical Miami Beach bound college kids, but for families who need a break from the mundane school year and are excited to share new memories, explore new places, and get away. 

So, if you are like me, you had your “countdown calendar” all set and it sadly halted on day -25 when you realized Spring Break 2020 would have to be “canceled.” 

Are your kids are now bummed that Disney World shut down?  Are you are bummed that a lazy beach day is no longer a possibility?  Do you even KNOW when you can reschedule?  UGH

Here are some ideas to help you and the kiddos make the best of Spring Break 2020 in quarantine while festering over the indefinite postponement of Spring Break (examples inspired by my postponed mother-daughter trip to Paris):

  • Have a day where you watch movies and read books set in the location and documentaries about the culture or history of where you’ll be going;
    • We plan to watch Ratatouille & Hugo and read Madeline. (I may watch Moulin Rouge with a glass of red wine after kiddo’s bedtime!)
  • Host a themed meal for your crew or YouTube a cooking lesson about the cuisine from where you’ll be going;
    • We are making a breakfast of Nutella crepes and having afternoon “tea” with rich hot chocolate that we’ll make ourselves!
  • Make a big idea board with the things that everyone is looking forward to doing when you DO get to go on your trip.  This gives you more planning time to find those less-known activities in your destination;
    • Tea at Angelina’s, dinner at Café du Chats, visit the Eiffel Tower when it sparkles at night, marionette shows in the park, Musee D’Orsay scavenger hunt…
  • Give each family member the task of planning one whole day of activities on the restructured trip;
    • Looks like I’ll be spending a day at the Louvre after all (who has a 6 year old who is itching to see the Mona Lisa in person?  I do!)
  • My favorite idea to dull the pain of postponing 2020 Spring Break:  Let your trip that’s on hold accrue “interest” by adding an extra day (or, if you are bold, for every month that it gets delayed!)
    • We’ve tacked on one extra day so far so that we can visit the Frozen spectacular in Disneyland Paris for 2 days instead of just one.  YAY (parent eye roll)

So, even though you can’t hit the beach, hike the Appalachian Trail, or visit an ancient castle, you can bring positive joy and anticipation into your home and give those kiddos (and yourself) something to be excited about all over again.