Our Jersey Adventurer Visits Alpacas

Jersey Shore Alpacas is a whimsical little farm hidden in Cape May.  My husband and I were lucky enough to get a private tour on a Sunday in May, before their busy season.  The owner happily provided us with pre-packed bags of carrots to entice the ultra-social woolly inhabitants.  Some of the alpacas were amenable to pats on the neck.  None of them wanted the perfect tufts on their heads to be touched.  Others were interested solely in the crunchy orange offerings that they knew we had.  The $25 fee for a private tour (four up to four people) is worth it to get up close and friendly with the friendly lumbering herd.  The alpacas seemed to become comfortable with us being in their pen after a few minutes, and turned their attention to spitting their freshly chewed carrots at each other in a fashion that made them sound like mini mortars.  After all of our peace offerings had been exhausted, we visited the gift shop, which was full of hats, gloves, socks, scarves, and fabric woven from various kinds of alpaca fleece. I left as a very satisfied customer with a baby alpaca scarf.*

*No baby alpacas were harmed in making the scarf.  Baby alpaca wool is the name for the extra soft fleece taken from the underbelly of the animal.