Our Jersey Adventurer Flies In A Helicopter

I am an aspiring helicopter pilot. I currently have about 50 hours of flight time spread out over the past 13 years. My strange and sporadic path to obtaining my pilots license has been plagued by the cost-prohibitive nature of the beast (an hour of flight time costs approximately $300 per hour) as well as a simple lack of time (I worked full time while attending college and law school). However, I am now getting to a point in my life where I can return to my true love. As I look forward I like to reminisce about the flights I have taken purely for fun.

 One such flight was in October 2016. My husband (Anthony), my dad, and I went to Platinum Helicopters at Princeton Municipal Airport. I rented a Robinson R44 (a 4 seater) and reserved time with a licensed instructor (as I am only a student pilot). We charted a course to do some sightseeing along the cost; specifically, from Long Branch (my favorite place in the entire world), down to Asbury Park (a close second). We took off from Princeton and headed east. About 20 minutes later, we were 1,500 feet above Long Branch. Visibility was so clear that we could clearly see the New York City skyline off in the distance.   The wind was manageable at 12 mph and allowed for a smooth flight down the coast to Asbury Park.

  Along the way we admired the opulent mansions that dominate the beach front parcels of land. Once we were in Asbury Park, we circled the boardwalk and took pictures of the convention center and the old casino building. My beloved second favorite place on Earth was quite…understated from 1,500 feet up but it still stirred my heart nonetheless.