Divorce/Legal relationship dissolution

Divorce can be confusing and overwhelming (both emotionally and legally).  At Argentino Family Law & Child Advocacy, LLC, we use a holistic and individualized approach to ensure that we not only get you divorced, but help keep you in one piece on the way there!

We take your life goals into consideration so we can help you create practical solutions within your relationship dissolution that will help to move towards those aspirations rather than further away in the midst of chaos.  We give practical and realistic advice (even though you might not like it 100% of the time).   We strive to help you understand the cost-benefit analyses of your financial rights and responsibilities so that the legal process can facilitate your move forward rather than take you steps backwards.  When it comes to custody and parenting time situations, your children and your relationship with your children are kept at the forefront of all discussions. We are detail oriented and believe that the best way to avoid future conflict is to get it right from the beginning – a positive divorce and a comprehensive agreement is an investment in your future and in your children’s future.

We find that forward thinking (and a little humor) helps our clients focus on goals and not get lost in the day-to-day business of divorce.

From our end, we know that knowledge of New Jersey divorce law is not enough.   We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the history of New Jersey legal relationship statuses, as well as familiarity with the laws of other states, aspects of various cultures, and the psychology of different types of people.  All of these things help us help you as they affect your life, your relationship, and your future.