There’s a meme going around social media that shows divorce attorneys sitting around waiting for the divorce cases to roll in post-COVID 19.  While seemingly created to be funny in light of shelter-in-place and quarantine guidance leaving people “trapped” with their spouses 24/7, the phenomenon of increased divorce rates after this type of disaster is not entirely a laughing matter and is really based in history and truth.

The likelihood of domestic violence and even non-violent disagreements increases because of a lack of ability  to access healthy outlets for anxiety, depression and anger.  Moreover, financial stressors are already the number one catalyst that cause disagreement between couples.  Given the current employment and impending financial crisis, this can only escalate.  As such, we will undoubtedly see similar relationship fractures and increase in divorce rates as we did post-Superstorm Sandy.  Many couples will, undoubtedly, reach their wits’ end and when it’s finally safe to walk into an attorney’s office, they will file for divorce.   If that is what you need for your life and your family, family law attorneys are here to help and we understand: sometimes this type of situations just makes the cracks in your relationship highlighted and too deep to repair. 

However, in the meantime, you can do your best to keep a healthy home environment for yourself and your family.   Here are some ideas:

How to work through this pressure-cooker?

  • Virtual therapy (many mental health practitioners are offering services remotely)
  • Time alone (take a walk, sit in the car and listen to music, go hang out in the basement)
  • Exercise (run, walk, do jumping jacks, play ball in the yard, do yoga in the kitchen)
  • Share responsibilities (try to agree on who will do what around the house so that responsibilities are shared instead of being on one individual).
  • Do something fun (play board games, try new recipes, learn a musical instrument, etc. just to try to interact in a positive fashion with the only faces you’ll be seeing in person for a while)
  • Respect (remember that everyone feels just as suffocated so know when to just let it go)
  • Breathe (if you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry, take a minute, give yourself a time out and breathe rather than aiming your anger at someone else.)